BLOGME TENDAL CCLXIII: Wireless communication

05 Feb BLOGME TENDAL CCLXIII: Wireless communication

Clothes-lines put this way, are personal and customizable communication ways. As the telephonic thread, or broadband. There is a lot of information circulating along, more than you can see, in an autonomous way, discovering coincidences and disparities that circulate along the ropes as a tightrope walker.

Here it is, you can get into the conversation or not. Nobody forces you in. Here the silences are never inconvinient. You speak if you want when you want only. And when you speak you do not do it always searching any answer.

But … when they answer you …! Or … when you answer …!

It is because the clothes spoke between them and they discovered coincidences before. You just have to follow this line of this conversation that has been already begun with anybody that you did not know that you had already spoken to, that you already knew.

Oh, when wireless clothes-up will be invented!


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