BLOGME TENDAL CDLI: Deconstruction

10 May BLOGME TENDAL CDLI: Deconstruction

Birds become tweezers as a sign of adaptation to modernity.

They deconstruct the clothesline by becoming symbolic abstraction and bringing to the essence the image of the perched bird and that of the prensil claw.

Although contradictory, this deconstruction builds a conceptually complex image, also turning the clothesline into a plastic and sonic score, overtaking dodecaphonisms, in which trills perch on the strings in which birds never pose.

It talks about how waiting for the known creates gaps and emptiness is full of past; the viewer imagines himself, unconsciously, filling this present, in the future, with the past.

It is therefore a physical clothesline who appeals to the sensory and creates an essential but evocative image, and who interrogates the unimaginated future without conditioning answers.

A clothesline is always art, a meeting point between abstraction and figuration, tradition and avant-garde art.

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