Once upon a time there was a couple living in a neighborhood plenty of buildings where people live. This kind of places where there are buildings and buildings and buildings four floors each and streets and sidewalks and trash cans and pines to make the place more pleasant. The life of this couple was as usual and predictable as an ordinary couple living in this places. Until it happened what is also usual in a couple living in this places and in other ones. She discovered he was cheating her. When he arrived to the house, so calmly, the storm stired up. She askedg for explanations that she didn’t want to attend. She screamed at him. He defended himself from the words with words, from the gestures with gestures to avoid to be beated. But he had no interest in giving explanatios. She kicked him out from the house.

I’ll come for my things.

When I am not.


And he went away.

He went downstairs to the street and when he was there down, her voice screamed: it is not necessary you return for your things. Here you have them all. And then she throw up his clothes and things throught the window: discs, shirts, trousers, photos… socks. All his things were flying and falling down on the pines. He had to move away, he and the people who there was. They all went to the opposite sidewalk to see that jet of things that were falling down. The clothes remained on the branches of the pines. It was a big show for the people, for him it was ridiculou. The pines remained covered of clothes stretched on. Turned into a missloved clothes-line. He got the clothes he could under the woman insults and people’s silent laugh. But he couldn’t take everything, obviously. It was impossible. It was necessary to rise to several pines. The wind made the colors of that clothes-line more scandalous.

From this unhappy clothes-line only this sock remains. Become fossilized. As a missloved heart.

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