14 Nov BLOGME TENDAL DXXX: Conversation

The family from the fourth floor, and that from the third left are talking about people of the first floor who have not yet lifted their blinds, and it’s time to!!!!

And people in the fourth left floor, are they napping? Says the lady on the third right floor, they have their blinds half lowered!

No, answers her the single of the second left floor, it is not for a nap, it is because one of them is working at night shift. Thais always gives a lot of sleep, the third left floor says. Look at me, my husband is sleeping on the couch, because he was watching the motorcycles at dawn.

The fourth right says that she has to go to pick her girl up, and please, if plumber comes, second right people, who has a copy of the keys, will attend him, and keep calm there is nothing to steal at home. He already knows that it is the cistern, that it does not close well and is losing water without stopping.

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