BLOGME TENDAL CDXX: A rope with hope

23 Feb BLOGME TENDAL CDXX: A rope with hope

A house is not stones as a clothesline is not clothes: This clothesline is hopefull.

This house is under construction. It is not ready for living into, but it already has the clothesline. Covered and airy, sheltered from the rain open to the wind.

Whoever hung on this clothesline lives in a smaller house and is waiting to come to this one, bigger and safer may be better, wider and warmer and welcoming; with space enough for the whole family that fits in his/her heart.

This house is already finished in the heart of the one who hungs up. The partitions, the outbuildings, the people who inhabit it, the friendships that visit it, … the wind of humanity that is airing clothes while not airing people is already blowing.

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