23 Dec BLOGME TENDAL CCCLX: Just trousers

There they are, hung topsy-turvy, unarmed, executed, the trousers. Because of their compromise with the life and with the work or who dressed and washed them – these trousers belong to men, so, they probably weren’t wash by the same person who dressed them –

To work is to compromise and to be committed always stains. You can get out alive form important battles alive but never clean. I distrust these lounge fighters who get out from these fights they say that they took part, so clean as they got into. They lie: they did not fight; but they say a truth: They took part … the powerful ones part.

These trousers belong to three different men from the same family, they always fought and always lost. From defeat to defeat, they construct chunks of life and die always in awkward act of service working to improve the immediate tomorrow for everybody. After tomorrow it will come another tomorrow to which it´ll arrive dirty who worked more to nake every morning better than every today.

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