07 Oct BLOGME TENDAL CCCXLIX: Life, social.

As well as stars are contemplated in the night, clothes-lines are contemplated during the day.

They speak. They talk very much. So many things that is shinesly to listen them. These clothes-lines are a holiday compared with these buildings that are equal any day at any hour of the day. Garlands of color clothes. Clean. Smelling to cleanliness and happiness and holidays. The wind is the orchestra that play the melodies which the clothes dance freely and tight with.

They are not pacific cloths-lines, there is very much movement and there will be disputes. And envy. These clothes-lines show and boast too. First floor dresses black clothes only, the second one uses broad clothes and another one tight clothes, and in the first floor one one neighbor has just white clothes and other one just washes badly.

Every one can dance and wash and hung up as they like. And they can to provoke envy and to presume. If they want.

Clothes-line are a life shared without shame and with the modesty that each one has.

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